The Freshmen's Guide to Penn State

Dorms: East Halls

When I think about the dorms in East the first thing that comes to mind is small. My room at home certainly isn’t the biggest so I’m used to a small room but living in East gives small a whole new meaning. In addition to how small the room is, it’s going to seem even smaller at first since half of it belongs to your room mate. With the negatives out of the way I can say is that you will get used to it. It’s honestly not as bad as it will seem at first. After a couple of weeks you’ll realize that there’s just enough room for you and your roommate to live comfortably. Here are some pictures of my doom. I took them minutes before I moved everything out on the last day.

Most dorms will look like this with small variations here and there. To be as specific as possible, this is what the dorms in Geary Hall will look like.

Living in East Halls, like most places, has its ups and downs. I know I wrote about this before but I plan on supplying more detail here. Let’s start with the people. 99.9% of the people living in East are freshman, the 0.01% being the RAs.  Since it’s everyone’s first year, everyone is looking for friends. Finding friends in East is literally the easiest it will ever be …EVER. I can guarantee you that if you stay in your room the first week and just leave your door open, you’ll meet at least 10 new people a day for that first week.   Or if you’re the social types you can walk around your building and meet new people that left they’re door open for some new friends to just walk in. I shouldn’t need to say this but if you’re not in your room you should shut and lock your door. Theft in the dorms, especially the towers, runs rampart. I’m talking mass robberies like every other week because a bunch of people forgot to lock they’re door when they left for class. For those that don’t know the towers are the two buildings in East that have 10 floors. They’re called towers because they’re taller than all the other buildings. But seriously if you live in the towers you need to always be vigilant of theft.

In general RAs are pretty chill. There is the occasional dirt bag that takes his job way too seriously but generally they’re all awesome. They often host mixers/socials between floors which are coed. This helps guys and girls meet that normally wouldn’t get the chance and is often a welcome break from studying or all the homework that you are certain to get.

One last negative that I almost forgot to mention is the sickness. When one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. The close quarters and closed windows in the winter mean colds happen often and are extremely widespread. The biggest issue though is that when you get sick here, no one’s going to take care of you. Of course you can go to the University Health Service Center but they’re just going to diagnose, prescribe, and kick you out. The days of being taken care of are over.  Right before fall I’ll write an article on how you can stay well and take care of yourself when you inevitable get sick.

My final positive note about the Dorms in East is the fun. With all the people there, there’s always something to do.  Good floor mates will make your time pass by so fast that you barely remember it happened. Of course there are floors full of hermits where people want to have fun but they’re too shy to leave they’re room. Pray you don’t end up on that floor. Otherwise your year is going to be slow and painful.

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